Touching Tibet

A Journey into the Forbidden Kingdom

With a foreword by THE DALAI LAMA (previously Flight of the Wind Horse)

cover - Touching TIbet
Touching Tibet
Tibet is a country every traveller dreams of visiting. For Niema Ash that dream became a compulsion and finally an unforgettable reality. Her sympathy and affection for the country and its inhabitants shine through this very personal account of her travels.

Neima and the Dalai Lama
Niema and the Dalai Lama
In a lively, informal style she conveys not only impressions of everyday life and descriptions of unique Tibetan customs and traditions but brings us Tibetan history, politics and religion from a fresh, unstudied perspective. A good eye for intriguing and amusing details, and a gift for story-telling, make her descriptions both vivid and memorable.

Excellent – Niema Ash really understands the situation facing Tibet and conveys it with remarkable perception

Tenzin Choegyal (brother of the Dalai Lama)

Mesmerising….Book of the week.

The Sunday Times

Almost surreal in its assemblage of improbably colliding facts – a marriage of the bizarre and the beautiful that chills the spine as often as it warms the heart.

The Times

Reading the book is the next best thing to being there

Glen Mullin, Tibetologist

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Touching Tibet

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