cover - Nomad Girl Niema and Jack Canfield
Author Niema Ash
In the spotlight with Jack Canfield

Best-selling award-winning author Jack Canfield - creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series - interviews writer Niema Ash about her career and latest project.

Canfield begins the interview by introducing Niema as "One of the most interesting people I have ever met". The two discuss Niema's adventures across Tibet and Morocco, and her recent biography of Diana Dors. So evocative of his country's unique culture was her book 'Touching Tibet' that the Dalai Lama wrote its foreword.

Niema's current project is a memoir about the travel adventures throughout her life, and about the major adventure of running a music club in 1960's Montreal, where she got to know many soon-to-be-famous musicians - among them Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lee Hooker and Cedric Smith.

cover - Nomad Girl Niema Ash with "Nice"
"Nice" interviews Niema Ash
Interview with writer Niema Ash by Suzy Humphries about her frank and fascinating new book Nomad Girl, a memoir.

cover - Nomad Girl Niema Ash and Peter Batt
Niema with journalist Peter Batt
Nomad Girl: Niema Ash discusses her latest book

Niema Ash has always craved a world of adventure and experience.

It was a craving that launched her on a life journey that embraced Morocco and Tibet, to meeting the Dalai Lama, and to connecting with performers, such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, before they recognised as legends.

"A few became lifelong friends," says Niema. "A few became lovers and a few became famous."

Nomad Girl is her account of this remarkable story. Here, Niema - whose previous books include Connecting Dors and Touching Tibet - talks to Peter Batt about that remarkable story.

Recent Articles/Interviews

Radio interview by Paul Rutherford Academy fm

Paul Rutherford academy fm, April 2021

cover - Nomad Girl American Songwriter - Book Review
American Songwriter- Paul Zolo Interview
Book Review: 'Nomad Girl' by Niema Ash

'Niema is such a fine, empathetic and lucid writer that there are scenes from these chapters that remain imprinted in my mind, as if I had witnessed them myself. That is the essence of great writing.'

Paul ZOLLO, Editor American Songwriter magazine, January 2021

cover - Nomad Girl Broadstairs Beacon Interview
Broadstairs Beacon - Spring 2021
Niema Ash: nomad girl - on a life lived

'Inspired by the story of a nomad boy, Niema Ash sets forth to find magic of her own. Along the way she encounters Woody Guthrie, John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and, finally, the Dalai Lama.'

Broadstairs Beacon, March 2021

"Isle Of Thanet" News
'Author Niema Ash reveals fascinating life as 'Nomad Girl' in the swinging sixties and beyond'

"After traversing the globe, meeting the Dalai Lama and befriending Bob Dylan, it's Broadstairs where intrepid explorer Niema Ash has settled."

The Isle of Thanet News, February 2021

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